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Invitation to the August Forum 2003
Theme   ●Part1: Online Taiji and Bon Fire       ●Part2: Bon Fire Lecturer Mrs.Kikue Oda, Representative of Taiji & Qigong Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee IT Members:Free Taiji Members:500 yen Invitation Postcards:1,000yen Date/Time  Tues. August 16, 2003    Part1: 16:00 〜 17:45( Open 15:30 )     Part2: 18:00 〜 19:20 Dinner at Garden Hotel   20:00 〜 20:30 Bon Fire at Kamogawa river Location  ikyoto.com Open space Map
taiqi.net, the web site of "Taiqi & Qigong" has brushed up as a Portal site of Taiji and Qigong. It has any kind of informations, taiqi cloth, Video and DVD for your exercise. Especially Online Taiji class is the latest program. This is you can practice Taiji with web text and movie via Internet. Your question and comments are welcome at Forum. It is the day of Bon Fire which is the Buddism event. The fire put on Five mountains which sorround Kyoto city. Let's enjoy Bon Fire together. You are warmly welcome to the forum. ★ ikyoto.com has presented the latest internet information and tools to the business people since 1998.
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