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Invitation to the July Forum 2003
Theme   ●Key Points to introduce IP phone Lecturer Mr.Kenji Tsujii of Yahoo BB   [Intrnet Taiqi & Qigong for relaxation]  by Mr.Nozomu Fujita Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee  3,000yen per Forum Date/Time  Tues. July 8, 2003 ( Open 17:30 ) Location  ikyoto.com Open space Map
Yahoo BB has put a fire on IP phone and it has influenced to Electric company such as Kansai (West Japan) Electric Co., Ltd. , CATV network and NTT which has occupied Telephone line for a long time. IP phone using internet can be a useful business tool for thenext generation ? It can shift as a business phone system? How we can introduce it into the office? It is a good time to consicer it. We recommend you to understand it at the IT Forum. You are warmly welcome to the forum. ★ ikyoto.com has presented the latest internet information and tools to the business people since 1998.
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