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Invitation to the April Forum 2003 http://ikyoto.com/english/reikaie.html
Yahoo BB serves and provide internet modem with free. Service man of Yahoo gives internet modem to people at town. Yahoo members is now over 2,000,000. NTT and other providers are working to catch up yahoo. This is a BB age. Internet users connect to internet 24 hours without thinking the time over and money. It is comfortable but will cause a big influence if the probrem happens like slammer. It happened in Korea first and has spread quickly all over the world. Internet security to fit BB internet is necessory for protection. NEC fielding company will intoduce and suggest the security policy and how to. What works most is a self defence. ikyoto.com will introduce your suitable security. Please feel free to contact us. ★ ikyoto.com has presented the latest internet information and tools to the people who want to use it into your business.    You are warmly welcome to the forum.
Theme   ●The Security on BB Internet Lecturer Mr.Misao Arakawa of NEC Fielding Company Date/Time  Tues. April 8th, 2003 ( Open 17:30 ) Location  ikyoto.com Open space Map   [Intrnet Taiqi & Qigong for relaxation]  by Mr.Nozomu Fujita Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee  3,000yen per Forum
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