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Invitation to the February Forum 2003 http://ikyoto.com/english/reikaie.html
We are sure that the Keycontents in 2003 must be the Web Movie on BB Internet. Even big companies has just started it. Web Movie uses the sound and the movie. People love it's music at home but how it works at office. We should consider and should change it's style for business use. We can say that the business use of Web Movie is just on the start line. ikyoto.com has began it's use in 2001. We hope that our experience can help to advice and consult you. ★ ikyoto.com has presented the latest internet information and tools
to the people who want to use it into your business.    You are warmly welcome to the forum.
Theme   ●Business Use of Web Movie is just on the start line Lecturer Mr.Noguchi Yasuyuki of Digital Knowledge Company Date/Time  Wed. February 12th, 2003 ( Open 17:30 ) Location  ikyoto.com Open space Map   [Intrnet Taiqi & Qigong for relaxation]  by Mr.Nozomu Fujita Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee  3,000yen per Forum
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