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Invitation to the September Forum 2002 http://ikyoto.com/english/reikaie.html
You may know the Net Auction and some of you have experienced it already personally and officially. In compare with the Original Auction which is something formal and deal with rather expensive goods, Net Auction has developed more like Free market and Garage sale. It has become a new market to sell stock or campaign place now. Companies starts to use this place officially. Auction is a kind of entertainment and one of the popular website. ikyoto.com will introduce it as your business market and will assist your Online sales. ★ ikyoto.com has presented the latest internet to the people   who are interested in the Internet society. You are warmly welcome to the forum.
Theme  [ ●Online Sales Series:NO.6        The business use of Auction system  ] Lecturer: Mr.Hideaki Nakamura The Webmaster of kyonet.com Kyonet Website
Date/Time  Tues. September 10th, 2002 ( Open 17:30 ) Location  ikyoto.com Open space Map   [Intrnet Taiqi & Qigong for relaxation]  by Mr.Nozomu Fujita Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee  3,000yen per Forum
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