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Invitation to October Meeting 2000 http://ikyoto.com/english/reikaie.html
We know that autumn is the season for travelling and October is the busiest autumn month for sightseeing in Kyoto. Mr. Jun Onoda was quick to realise this and coined the famous catchphrase "Hotel reservation via internet". He developed a reservation system, "window of trip", in January 1996. By July 2000, the number of users had increased to 1,60 million people according to the graph. Click here!   http://www.mytrip.net/en/index.html In July 2000 he left "mytrip.net" and opened his own company,"Bestreserve". Eight members of staff also left "mytrip.net" and followed him. It is certain that "best restrsv.com" will catch your heart and serve you as "Your Best Reservation". http://www.bestrsv.com/company.html(Japanese) We are glad to announce that as a supervisor, President Jun Onoda, the founder of the hotel reservation system in Japan mentioned above will give a splendid talk at ikyoto.com's October Forum. We at ikyoto.com wish the success of the new bestrsv.com from the bottom of our hearts. You are warmly welcome to the forum.
DATE/TIME  October 10 18:30 - 20:00 LOCATION  ikyoto.com Open space Map TOPIC  [ Your Hotel reservation system via Internet ] by the president of Best Reserve Co.,Ltd. " Jun Onoda " http://www.bestrsv.com/ [Internet Watching Now!] by Mr.hideaki Nakamura ( member ) Kyoto Internet    [Intrnet Taiqi & Qigong for relaxation] by Mr.Nozomu Fujita Q & A Free discussion Language  Japanese Fee  3,000yen per Forum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #602 Forum Nijojo higashi, Oike agaru, Aburanokoji, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto 604-0052 Tel.075-213-3204 Fax.075-213-3202 oda@ikyoto.com